Renee J., Mother of Trevin, ORGAN DONOR HERO with Donald A., Trevin’s HEART TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT

Our Brochures

Whether you are a Donor Family wanting to connect with those who received the Gift of Life from your loved one or a Transplant Recipient who has received a second chance at life and wants to say, “Thank you,” the decision to send correspondence is a personal one and it is your choice.

LAORA supports written correspondence between recipients and donor families. All correspondence is completely anonymous and identities are kept confidential. If you would like to write the donor family or transplant recipient(s), you may send a greeting card or a letter. Please keep in mind that everyone has a right to privacy, and individuals deal with circumstances differently and in their own time.

It is important to understand that you may or may not receive a response. Many donor families and transplant recipient(s) have said that they are overwhelmed with emotion and have difficulty expressing their feelings. Others may take several months or even years before they feel comfortable writing to their donor family or transplant recipient(s).

Donor Family Communication Brochure

Cover of the Donor Family Communication Brochure

Transplant Recipient Communication Brochure

Cover of the Transplant Recipient Communication Brochure

For those who are ready to connect, we have communication brochures to assist in starting the process.

Sending your letter/card

Be sure to include the following identifying information separately:

  • Your full name
  • The donor’s name or recipient’s name
  • Date of donation/transplantation
  • Your home address, email address, and phone number


Email letter as an attachment to and provide personal information in the body of the email.


Place letter/card along with paper containing personal information in an envelope and mail to:

Life Alliance – Donor Family Services
1951 NW 7th Avenue, Suite 220
Miami, FL 33136


Fax correspondence to Donor Family Services Program at 305-243-5371 and provide personal information on the cover page.