Nancy H.Mother of Frank, ORGAN DONOR HERO

Hospital Bills

LAORA is responsible for the expenses incurred to evaluate, maintain, and/or recover your loved one’s gifts. Please do not be concerned about the organ procurement costs on the hospital bill, as these charges are our responsibility. After the donation process, we request a copy of the hospital bill for reimbursement of all charges related to organ donation. We will, of course, provide you with a copy of the costs covered if you request it.

We request bills from the hospitals and other medical providers for organ donation related charges in a timely manner. However, sometimes their respective systems automatically forward the bills to you and/or the patient’s insurance before they submit them to us. In the event that this occurs, please forward the bill to us via email at, fax (305-243-9969) or mail at Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency – 1951 N.W. 7th Avenue, #220, Miami, FL 33136.

doctor reading paperwork to male while in hospital room with women sitting in background