Chelsea Fleming, BA, NREMT, CPTC - Organ Procurement Manager

Maria-Elena Canals

Marketing Manager

Maria-Elena Canals, is the Marketing Manager at LAORA. She joined the University of Miami in August 1989, and worked in the Medical Development office before transferring to the Department of Purchasing where she worked for almost five years. In August of 1995, she transferred to LAORA, then the University of Miami OPO, as a Marketing Specialist, and later promoted to manager. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of Marketing and Graphic Design. She provides support services to all areas of LAORA. In her current position, Maria-Elena is responsible for coordinating special events, advertising campaigns, and creates and designs all LAORA’s marketing materials to educate the South Florida community and promote the mission of organ donation. Her hobbies include traveling the world and fashion design. Maria-Elena is married and has two sons.