Medical professionals like you are vital to increasing organ donation and honoring the wishes of the donor and donor families. As a Medical Professional, you are in an important and unique position. In one moment, you are doing your best to save the life of your patient and in the next you may be collaborating with LAORA in helping a family member through the process of deciding to donate the organs and tissues of the same patient. You are also in the position of making a difference in helping to end the wait for someone who can benefit from a transplant.

Physicians, nurses and allied health care staff have crucial roles in making organ and tissue donation possible, by identifying and referring patient deaths to LAORA for donor evaluation. When medical eligibility and consent for donation are confirmed, we work together to ensure support for the donor’s family, facilitate successful donation, and ultimately provide life-giving organ and tissue transplants for those in need.

Become a Donation Champion today! To obtain more information or to schedule an educational donation in-service, please call 1-800-232-2892 or email to contact LAORA’s Hospital Services department. LAORA will then connect you with the Hospital Development Specialist for your hospital who can work with you to help educate hospital staff on donation processes and procedures.

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